Star Monroe - Expert coach/therapist + Badass Midlife Queen.

I am a midlife woman who has taken life by the reins and is riding the fuck out of it. Life is too short to be worried about the size of my waist, fat rolls, wrinkles or trying to do ALL the bloody things absolutely perfectly. I'm here to embrace life by the mammaries and I've got a feeling, you are too! I've been through hell and back (severe body hate, numerous ED's, cocaine addiction, alcoholism, domestic abuse, codependency, bankruptcy to name just a few) and flamboyantly live to tell the tale. I've also got skills, a shit-ton of them. I've spent 30+ years working with 1000's of women. I'm a British certified psychotherapist, eating psychology coach, relationship therapist, life coach, somatic bodyworker and a badass pole dancer (oh, and I'm also a retired showgirl!) I told ya, I've got skills! I'm here to share my wisdom, realness and my fierce belief in YOU! And (mid)life is way fucking better when I'm walking by your side. In midlife, we RISE!


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