Samantha Ortiz - Fitness Coach, Entrepreneur & Content Creator, SoManti LLC

Samantha Ortiz-Young, latina entrepreneur, content creator, fitness coach and named #1 fitness trainer in NYC. From being a former owner of Triple Threat Bootcamp (fitness studio), she has now transitioned to an online fitness platform. Providing live and on demand workouts, programs, nutritional guidance and personal development tips. Samantha has also been featured in the New York Times, Forbes, Allure and Women’s Health Magazine. Samantha’s energy and passion for training and empowering individuals is truly what separates her from the rest. She makes it her business to encourage and make her clients the best versions of themselves. Samantha encourages body positivity throughout her online fitness platform and authentically shows her cellulite, love handles and having “off days” as a sign of normality. With nearly a decade of Bootcamp and Personal Training experience Samantha has transformed hundreds of people’s lives using her high intensity interval training and nutritional experience.


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