Octavia Vance - Sexologist, Sex 4 Ladies™

Octavia E Vance, aka OEV, is the world’s #1 Sexologist for women of faith. As the Harriet Tubman of Your Sex Life, OEV leads women of faith from sexual frustration to Sexual Liberation by teaching them to embrace their Sexuality in order to have MORE fulfilling relationships in their lives, coin$ in their bank accounts and intimacy with their God. She does all this via her frustration 2 Liberation™Mentorship Program while also hosting her daily Clubhouse Show "Sex 4 Ladies". Octavia E Vance, aka OEV, is a dedicated, experienced, and passionate Sexologist, Mentor, and Life Strategist with more than 9 years of experience working hand in hand with high achieving women of faith to ensure that they’re able to achieve the level of Sexual Liberation they truly desire while still living for God. Through her engaging, intimate and high energy approach, Octavia works to teach her clients about sex biblically and scientifically, while being sure to be mindful of common sense. With her deep background in the field, Octavia has gone on to generate a tremendous following on social media with more than 75,000 followers combined who pack her live streams and Clubhouse events with the zeal to be free from their sexual struggles. For OEV, nothing is more important than embracing her faith, loving her husband and raising her 5 Stair Stepper children, while also showing women of faith that they can relieve their sexual frustration and fully embrace their own sexuality without guilt, shame or condemnation. Her life’s mission is to build up frustrated women of faith who are struggling in their ‘Ships n Sex so that ladies can heal up, then build up their communities via successful relationships, healthy marriages, elite child rearing and generational wealth.


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