We help women accelerate their potential in three ways:

Connect to Collaborate

Your network does indeed equal your net worth. It's all about who you know, which leads to what you know, and your next business opportunity. We create ways for you to engage with like minded professionals who all want the same thing - to collaborate and win - together. 

Grow to Build

If we want to be the best, we have to become life long learners. Via our curated events, leadership seminars, economic forums, and online training programs, we provide women with the resources and tools they need to elevate their personal and professional development. 

Give Back to Influence 

Revitalizing communities and changing lives in a positive way is how we become the change we want to see. We support local charities, volunteer our time, mentor young women, and sponsor fundraising events for causes our members are passionate about.

"TFC group is a place where I am reminded that there is so much power when women join forces. What I enjoy the most about this group is how CEO + Founder, Victoria Jenn Rodríguez, shares her gifts with other women (in this world full of selfishness) and also invites other people from different professional backgrounds, to share their gifts and talents as well. There is no hidden agenda behind TFC. You are welcomed to be vulnerable, reminded of your inner greatness and worth, encouraged to thrive for higher and better, stimulated to take action. Get on it! "

Sol Solcedo
Event Manager/Entertainment/Performing Arts





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